Shinhwa’s most spacious luxury villa-style condominium offers a generous 260 sqm of floor space

On the first floor, 3m-high ceilings rise over shared spaces including a living room, dining room, kitchen with a full range of built-in smart appliances, and rest room. On the second and third floors are three bedrooms containing king-, queen- and single-sized beds, respectively, and all boasting en-suite bathrooms and separate studies for naturally-delineated private space. Premium eco-friendly materials feature in an interior design that conjures the ambience of a woodland cabin in harmony with the natural environment, while each room connects to its own balcony, offering 270˚ of sunlight and views. The third-floor master bedroom features a small study for enhanced space, while an expansive terrace evokes the pleasures of reading in a sunlit secret garden. 




260 sqm