Tempo Grand Opening


Invite you to the lounge club Tempo with unique music, performances, and spectacles.



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Tempo, which means speed and rhythm in musical terms, is a lounge club designed with a soundscape architecture optimized to focus entirely on space. Enjoy Tempo's exclusive choices of drinks and various cocktails with eye- and ear-catching, heart-throbbing music. Enjoy exceptional charm of Tempo for being the hottest lounge club in the night with famous DJs, and the brunch cafe to enjoy coffee and delicates in the morning. 

[Open Special Event]
Enjoy a complimentary welcome drink with the Tempo VIP ticket provided during room check-in.
- One glass of sparkling wine will be served.

*This event will continue until tickets are exhausted.



Shinhwa Square

Operation Hours

Brunch Café: 08:00 - 19:00
Lounge Club: 19:00 - 02:00  
*No admission under 20 years of age.