Kids & Family Lounge

Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with a variety of engaging interactive books and media contents

Welcome to the Kids & Family Lounge, where we offer the Shinhwa Activity programs and a range of exciting media contents from Woongjin Thinkbig to provide your children with new experiences. Our specialized instructors operate the Shinhwa Activity program, which helps promote children's physical, emotional, cognitive, and language development. Woongjin Thinkbig's interactive books, book pads, and various media video contents break down the boundaries between reading and play, allowing all children to have a sensory experience and immerse themselves in their imagination.
 [Kids & Family Lounge]
 ▶ Children aged 48 months to 13 years accessible
 - Participants in the Shinhwa Activity program [Learn more]
 - Shinhwa Resort Connecting Room guest (Check-in Period: 8 to 25 May / 6 June to 20 July)





Shinhwa Resort 1F


10:00 - 18:00


- Since the lounge is not a daycare facility, children must be accompanied by guardians to prevent any accidents may occur.
- Shinhwa Resort Connecting Room guest can access the lounge once per night during the stay, and guest check-out and access after the program finish is restricted.
- Parents are legally responsible for safety accidents, facility damage, and physical injuries caused by children's carelessness, not on the hotel.
- There may be restrictions on the maximum capacity for safety.
- Food and drink are not allowed to maintain a pleasant lounge environment.
- Please inform staff if any participant is under special conditions (diseases, allergies, etc.) and the lounge is not accessible to those with safety and health concerns or infectious diseases. (Not allowed to use if the body temperature is 37.3 or higher on the day.)
- If a child needs emergency measures, the procedure will take an action with consent from parents (legal representative).