A private suite for a picturesque relaxation with Nouhaus massage chair

The Family Suite Family Suite Caring Room in Somerset provides a beautiful haven to concentrate on body and mind relaxation with Nouhaus' premium recliner massage chair. With a large area of 154㎡ for up to 5 adults and 4 children, there are three rooms including one king bed, one queen bed, and an ondol room. A full-option kitchen with premium appliances and utensils is good enough for you to prepare any dish easily. Experience your dream lifestyle with a modern interior, a sofa and dining table where the whole family can stay together, plenty of storage space, a beautiful outdoor balcony, and a quality refreshing time with Nouhaus' massage chair. 

Life Curation Living Company, Nouhaus

Nouhaus designs lifestyle of customers by portraying spaces, culture, and customers' tastes beyond simply producing furniture.
Enjoy complete relaxation and ultimate comfort with Nouhaus' 4D recliner massage chair, 'Luna'.


Bed Type

1 King, 1 Queen beds & 1 Ondol bedding set

Room Size

154 sqm


Standard occupancy 5│Max. 9 guests (Max. 5 adults)


※ When the Standard occupancy exceeds, additional charges will be incurred.
※ Additional charge per person: KRW 22,000 (An extra bedding KRW 33,000 per night chargeable & subject to availability)
※ Child: Guest age 12 and under │Infants : 36 months and under (No additional charge)



· Nouhaus Lunar 4D Recliner

· Mineral Water 2 bottles

· Electric kettle, Coffeepot

· Rice cooker, Smart oven

· Refrigerator, Wine Cooler 

· Kitchen wares

· Washer dryer combo

· Scale, Iron & Ironing board 

· Bath supplies 

· Slippers & Bathrobe

· Desk & Chairs & Free-WiFi 

· Safe